Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We just have learned that Professor Anton Valavanis, former Head of Neuroradiology of the University Hospital Zurich, has passed away on May, 30, 2023 after a long and courageous fight against his disease. 

Professor Valavanis was a symbol of a Neuroradiology oriented towards Neurosciences. All his career has been dedicated with enthusiasm and passion to patients suffering of Central Nervous System vascular malformations and he has ongoingly deepened his knowledge in the understanding of these lesions. We have ongoingly learned from him, and the didactism that he has always demonstrated has taught us to follow his paths . We are all very grateful for all what he has shared with us.

He was since the beginning a strong support of the DEF seminar and we all remember the lectures he has given during the meeting. We will dramatically miss him this year. We thank Professor Michihiro Tanaka, long time assistant of Professor Valavanis , for having accepted to take in charge the lecture that his former teacher was supposed to give during the seminar. 

In order to pay tribute to this unique teacher and mentor to many of us, we have decided to dedicate this 4th edition of the DEF seminar to the memory of Professor Anton Valavanis.




Georges Rodesch, Hôpital Foch
Serge Bracard, CHU Nancy
Michael Soderman, Karolinska Stockholm

We are happy to invite you to the next DEF (Disease Education Forum) seminar to be held at Hôpital FOCH in Suresnes on 11 and 12 September 2023.

After the success of the previous seminars on spinal cord vascular pathology, cerebral veins, and the study of the vascular wall and angiogenesis, which brought together more than 120 participants from all over the world, this time we will focus on «The Cranio Encephalic Venous Sinuses».

The format of the seminar, appreciated by all speakers and participants, will remain the same: two consecutive days dedicated to a specific topic that will be explored in all its aspects, from basic neuroscience to therapeutic applications.

The goal remains to enrich and increase our knowledge of this area of the vascular tree still underestimated. In addition to their well-known cerebral venous drainage function, the roles of dural sinuses remain mysterious for many of us, whether it be their attribution in CSF resorption or as a neuroimmune interface. These sinuses therefore represent several specific entities that are dynamically and biologically related to their environment, and will thus be the key to many physiopathological phenomena responsible for the creation of symptoms or pathologies (among which tinnitus or dural fistula are the most known). Biological or genetic alterations at their level are the cause of severe pathologies that may require special therapeutic considerations. In addition, their importance varies between children and adults and the pathologies resulting from them are different although often erroneously called under the same term when they require specific management.

We therefore thought that a DEF particularly focused on cranio-encephalic sinuses, from embryology and vasculogenesis to anatomy, from physiology to diseases and malformations, their symptoms and treatments, will help us to better understand these pathological conditions that we encounter in our daily practice, and to better manage our patients.

Many renowned international speakers will join us for this fourth DEF seminar, to share their experience and participate as always in intense debates and discussions. You already know several of them and have previously appreciated the quality of their presentations. Everyone enthusiastically agreed to return to Foch for this exciting new adventure. We are also pleased to welcome the “newcomers” who immediately agreed to be part of the faculty of the seminar after hearing the interest aroused by the previous DEF.

We will be happy to welcome you for these two days of work in September 2023, organized   by  the department of  Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology of Hôpital FOCH, labeled by the Ministry of Health «Center of reference for rare diseases» including vascular malformations of the central nervous system, and in collaboration with the Neuroradiology departments of the Nancy Hospital Hospital and the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm.

We hope that you will enjoy the program we propose,  and look forward to seeing you again for another stimulating DEF during a beautiful Parisian summer end.

With all our best personal regards



L. Boon, Belgium
S. Bracard, France
R. Chapot, Germany
J.M. Ferro, Portugal
P. Gailloud, France
W.Y. Guo, Taiwan
E. Houdart, France
M. Komiyama, Japan

S-K. Lee, USA
S. Lenck, France
T. Naidich, USA
D. Orbach, USA
L. Regli, Switzerland
G. Rodesch, France
J. Rustenhoven, New Zealand
M. Söderman, Sweden

D. San Millan, Switzerland
M. Tanaka, Japan
S. Tubbs, USA
P. Van Bogaert, France
R. Van Den Berg, Netherlands
P. Vilela, Portugal
M. Vikkula, Belgium
D. Saloner, USA


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